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Tips For Record Store Day


Written by Steven LaClair, edited by Chloe Paglia

Record Store Day is approaching once again. Each year it’s grown to be more interesting, with the rise in vinyl sales and the overall community growing larger. Bigger bands are putting out records for the annual holiday, and they always do so in very small quantities. It can cause a collector a lot of stress and anxiety, hoping they’ll be lucky enough to snag a copy of that gem they’ve been thinking about for months. I’m here to quell some of your nerves and offer the best advice I can about Record Store Day, after braving crowds in several stores over the last few years.

Stream ‘Point and Light’ by fun. Now!

The boys in fun. are releasing Point and Light tomorrow for Record Store Day and it’s on the “must have” list for a lot of people which will make it extremely hard to grab. If you aren’t so fortunate to grab a copy or don’t give a shit about vinyl, then the band has put up a stream of their demos from, Aim and Ignite for streaming. 

COTW: twentyonepilots Cover Elvis


This week we’re showcasing one of our favorite covers by a band that’s been receiving a lot of attention lately. twentyonepilots posted this live ukulele cover of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love” on their YouTube channel almost two years ago, where it’s still gaining attention today.