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Fall Out Boy Stands With Creativity

Schools typically suck and won’t do anything that will make the most sensitive of parents upset. In this case, a school denied their own marching band the right to perform Fall Out Boy’s jam, “Thnks fr th Mmrs” as a part of their show. Fall Out Boy responded saying they stand on the side of creativity and will perform a song with them that is sanctioned. 

No Cameras Allowed

The life of being a part of the press isn’t that glamorous but it does certainly have its perks. Viewing a show a few feet from an artist to hanging out with them before or after a show to chat it up about a new album or tour - it can be nice sometimes. An aspiring photographer who seems to have trouble getting approved to cover festivals takes matters into his own hands and decides to sneak into festivals to cover them in the upcoming movie, No Cameras Allowed. Check out the trailer for it below!